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L’exposition « Dancing Smoking » sur le site « ECLECTIC »

Photographer Frédéric Monceau has teamed up with designer Stéfanie Renoma from the House of Stefanie Renoma, for the upcoming Paris exhibition Dancing Smoking. The photography series focuses on dance. Renoma confronts the classic tuxedo with the rhythm and rigeur of esthetic codes from ballets, bringing together these amazing body-to-body shows which fascinate the designer.

From an adolescence which was surrounded by books, art exhibitions and meeting new people, Stéfanie was unconsciously marked, fascinated and trained by the images of Richard Avedon with Baryshnikov, Robert Doisneau in the opera, Ellen Auerbach, Melvin Soklosky… The second half of the twentieth century was inspired by the universe of dance, captured on glossy paper the finely honed movements, the freedom of the Women and finally the Men.


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