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A tad of rock n’roll, a drop of Bohemianism, a pinch of glam’ and a good deal of lanky chic: such is Stéfanie Renoma' style Born in 1975, Stefanie Renoma carries a name that predestined her to the world of fashion. Her grandfather created the brand Renoma. Brought up in her father’s creative groove—Maurice Renoma is a French designer who’s brought happy times to the arty avant-garde since the 70s—Stéfanie makes her own way, outside the markers of conventional education.

On the road” at a young age, she mixes with the most innovative artistic networks of the time: Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Marc Maniatis, Peter Klasen, César… No wonder she develops a quirky approach of the world… and of fashion. As a teenager, conventional clothing rarely appeals to her. The uniformity of fashionable garments horrifies her.  Never mind: she’ll make her own clothes! Asymmetric cuts, off-beat superimpositions…  She transposes her freedom of soul on her figure.
Therefore, when the times comes to choose her way in life, she naturally settles on design and fashion design, and enters the Higher School of Modern Art.  She then makes a detour through ESMOD, just long enough to realize that she cannot and will not submit to conventional teaching. She takes to her heels (and scissors)…
Her meeting with Antonin Cornet-Leverdier, perfectly hardened to the production, commercial and marketing techniques, propels them to take the plunge. Together, they create the brand STEFANIE RENOMA , structured clothes, in fine materials and perfect cuttings, easy to wear, sleek, but still smooth  to be dressed in, combined in with an exeptionnal quality of fabrics…
Upmost feminine creations, sensual, with a special cut than can fit most women. The Stefanie Renoma collection are more than just clothes, it is a therapy destined to find out how beautifull we all are seeing the silk, embroidered or stamped, for daywear or the evening’s delicate dress, is important to understand all the preciosity and the creativity of the brand.
Wearing Stefanie Renoma garments is really a powerfull anti-ageing act…for happiness. their collections deserved a unique universe: and so, nested in a beautiful boutique close to the Trocadéro, « Stefanie Renoma Store» is now one of the upmost fashionnable place that represent  the Parisian trend.
118, rue de longchamp, 75116 Paris

Tel +331 44 05 38 33

Days of operation :
Tuesday to saturday hours of operation : 10'30 am – 7 pm



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