Who Am I ?

The simple name Stefanie Renoma evokes all the chic and elegance that makes the Parisian woman shine, creatives without borders, actresses, singers, painters, photographers.

She grew up surrounded by artists, among them Helmut Newton, David Bailey, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. 
Stefanie Renoma continues her father's creative career, and instills a radically new trend to the brand created more than fifty years ago by the Renoma family.

Stefanie Renoma has chosen to deploy all her stylistic talents around the Tuxedo, a great classic in the men's wardrobe. Gorgeous cutting and quality in every respect. Noble fabrics and infinite comfort.


The almost surgical silhouette, is tailor-made for a modern, sensual and free woman. Stefanie Renoma's client, as well as the designer, assumes her beauty in a simple, natural and elegant way. Artist photographer and artistic director of her eponymous brand, Stefanie Renoma is honored to dress many personalities with her famous tuxedos, declined each season in original colors. She already counts among her faithful clients actresses such as Misha Barton, Julie Depardieu, Melanie Thierry, Ludivine Sagnier or Isabelle Adjani.


Stefanie Renoma is also a social network personality and a Parisans' nights Socialite !

“When you’re comfortable in your outfit, you automatically feel beautiful! Clothes should boost your self-confidence, towards others and yourself”


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